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Girls Camp & Essential Oils

Girls Camp & Essential Oils
This last week I had the wonderful opportunity of going to Girls Camp with 24 girls ages 12-18!! We had a great week in the mountains hiking, boating, crafting, singing, eating, and enjoying time as a group. Memories were made and testimonies were strengthened. 
I was so glad I packed my oils! Here are some oils that got put to work over the week.

Terrashield! I am absolutely loving the 30 ml spray! It worked great. In fact, it worked so great I didn't think I needed it. Bad choice, the day I didn't spray I got bites. I learned fast! I also put together a bigger spray bottle with Terrashield and peppermint that we sprayed on tents and clothes and cooking areas.
Lavender!! Of course! I brought my lavender oil and lavender Touch roller. These came in handy for the mosquito bites and also for our camp cook who burned her fingers on a hot pan. Ouch!
Peppermint-This one came in handy for headaches. At the temples, forehead, and neck. (We also put PastTe…
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Two Parts of Your Immune System

Two Parts of Your Immune System
I used to tell my patients that it is easier to stay well than it is to get well.  It kind of goes along with the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  As we know, things like diet, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and exposure to toxicity all affect our overall well being.  By managing each of these areas as well as adopting a model of consistency that actively supports the immune system, we can maintain good health throughout the year.   

We all have an immune system that protects us from foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and by understanding how our immune system works we can help it help us stay healthy.  Although the physiologic functioning of the immune system is pretty complex it’s easier to understand if we break it down into the two individual parts that work together to protect us from these different types of environmental threats and factors. 

The first part is called fixed immunity. The …
Are you ready for summer? Here are some of my favorite summer essential oils!!

1. TerraShield and Peppermint as natural bug repellants. We use this to deter mosquitos and also pests in our garden. The new TerraShield 30 ml spray has made it quick and easy to use! Be consistent, use it often. Love using something that doesn't contain harmful chemicals!
2. Peppermint, lavender, and Frankincense with aloe for an after sun spray. The best! I have found that when I use this combo often my skin is happy, no pain or discomfort, and my skin doesn't peal. 3. DigestZen blend, digestzen softgels and TerraZyme. These products come in handy for those camp outs, picnics and/or pot lucks when we may indulge in a little too much goodness or maybe something doesn't agree with your tummy.
4. Balance (Grounding Blend), Serenity (Restful Blend) or any of the Emotional Aromatherapy Oils. While I really love summertime, having kids home, traveling, and family/friend gatherings can be stressful! A…

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: What's in our Missionary's Suitcase...

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip
As a family we have had a big couple of weeks preparing our oldest son to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Little Rock, AR area for 2 years. We are so excited for him to have this opportunity to love and serve the people there. Of course, I couldn't send him without a few things... :)

Some of the essentials... Lifelong Vitality (not pictured), TerraZyme (digestive enzymes for all that yummy southern food!), Correct-x (topical ointment), Shampoo & Conditioner, Deep Blue Rub, On Guard toothpaste, On Guard Throat drops, DigestZen softgels, On Guard Plus (for awesome immune support), and Serenity soft gels (good sleep), and the On Guard & Peppermint beadlets.

Essential oils!!!  Melaleuca: for those cuts, skin irritations, and disinfecting On Guard: immune support to stay well Balance: grounding blend for stress and anxiety Frankincense: Of course! For skin issues, stress, discomfort, focus... When in doubt, use …

How to Protect Yourself & Your Family from the Yucky Insects & Bugs!

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: How to Protect You & Your Loved Ones from the Yucky Bugs!
Spring is here and summer is coming quickly! With the warmer weather comes the bugs! I don't know about you, but when I am outside walking the green belt, camping, or enjoying an evening outside, I do not like bug buzzing around me! 
Essential oils are amazing! When we know that they come from the bark, leaves, flowers, roots, etc of plants we can better understand their effectiveness as natural repellents. The aromas that plants give off will naturally attract good bugs and repel the yucky bugs. As we use the oils ourselves we can enjoy those same results. So, which oils do we use?
My first go to is doTERRA's Terrashield (Outdoor Blend). When it comes to outdoor protection, no defense is better than Mother Nature’s offerings. Among these are essential oils which provide a vapor barrier for plants, protecting them from potential threats in their environment. TerraShield Outdoor Blend contai…

Quick & Easy Mouth Rinse with Essential Oils

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: Quick & Easy Mouth Rinse
Last week at an essential oils class with some friends, I was reminded about Dr. Steuer's Mouth Rinse recipe. As we talked, my friend made it. It was so quick and so easy!! I want to share this with you! Our oral health is a reflection of the body, so we need to take care of our teeth and gums.
Dr. Steuer's Mouth Rinse 2 cups warm water 2 tsp. salt 5 drops On Guard 5 drops Melaleuca 2 drops Clove
Your choice of flavor: 2 drops of peppermint, spearmint or cinnamon
Mix all together, dissolve salt. Then use. 

A bit about the oils being used...
On Guard: This amazing blend of wild orange, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus and rosemary offers immune support and naturally helps the body fight off the yucky bugs. This is my go to oil for when I have canker sores or a sore throat. A drop in a shot glass of water, gargle for as long as possible (it's hot!) then spit out or swallow. For canker sores, I had tried everything: different brands of…

Tiffany Tuesday Tips-Some Tips & Essential Oils to Enhance Your Valentines Day

Tiffany's Tuesday Tips-For Your Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day! The day of LOVE! I am convinced that love is the answer to everything. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were more kind and more loving. In my own life, I have discovered that love starts with me. If I want more love from my kids then I show more love, if I want love from my husband then I give love. This is in all areas and relationships in my life. People are pretty amazing!

Today I share some tips to enhance your day. 1. Love starts with loving yourself. Take time to take care of yourself. Even if it's for only 10-15 minutes. Do something for yourself. I have found that when my cup is full and overflowing I have the ability to be able to go out and give love and be a source of strength for others. Keep your cup full!
2. Check out the book, "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman! So insightful for all of your relationships. How do you give love? Receive love? What about the important peo…