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Slim & Sassy

I've got three testimonials to share about Slim & Sassy, an amazing metabolic blend made of lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger. This blend is able to speed up metabolism, suppress your appetite, lift and elevate your mood, and help your body cleanse out harmful toxins. Suggested uses are 3-5 drops 3-5 times a day in water, 3-5 drops on the tongue 3-5 times a day, or 6-10 drops in a capsule 3 times a day. People are also having success putting the oil directly on the trouble spots. I had a lady ask if she could bathe in it!! This is some good stuff!

When I gave a friend of mine the Slim & Sassy to try she came back a couple days later and said to me, "I think this stuff really works, I took some before I went to bed and didn't wake up for my usual 3AM munchies!"

A family member reported that she loves the way it makes her feel, more energy.

Another friend told me that it is helping her keep her blood/sugar levels balanced and that he blood/sugar …

Lemon in my laundry

So, I had heard to use the essential oils in my laundry. Honestly, I wasn't too sure about how clean my clothes would be with just a few drops of lemon, or citris bliss, wild orange, or even lavender.

As it turned out I ran out of laundry soap and I tried it. I was truly impressed. My laundry room smelled like lemon. Yummy! From wash to dry they smelled and looked clean. (I did add my oxi-clean to the washer-I wasn't out of that :)) From now on essential oils will be a regular part of my laundry. Everyday in everyway. Give it a try :)

Lifelong Vitality

Check this out!

New ORAC and S-ORAC scores for Life Long Vitality Supplements!

An ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score is a measurement of a nutrient’s potential for neutralizing free radicals. Although not the only useful measurement of the beneficial activity of a nutrient, a high ORAC value suggests protective benefits against free- radical damage to cells. S-ORAC is a measurement of an antioxidant’s potential for neutralizing a particularly dangerous free-radical molecule, the superoxide radical, and may be a more important measurement of antioxidant protection on a cellular level. (An average serving of fruits and vegetables has an ORAC value of approximately 500.)

Using independent laboratories who have developed specialized methods for testing antioxidant capacity using the ORAC and S-ORAC scales, one daily serving of dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack of Alpha CRS+®, xEO Mega®, and Microplex VMz® received a cumulative ORAC score of over 6800 (…

Lavender & Sleep

A good friend of mine has two boys with ADD. In the morning she would give them their meds and by the end of the day the meds were supposed to bring them back down to a normal level. One of their sons ,in particular, wasn't falling asleep until midnight every night because he just couldn't fall asleep. I took the lavender over.... A few days later I saw my friend and she said, "I am going to need to buy you another bottle of lavender and another for me." She then went on to tell me that she put the lavender oil on their feet and within a half hour they were asleep! It has become a nightly routine for her boys to come running with socks in hand asking her to rub their feet with the lavender before bedtime. Isn't that GREAT! Not only the oil to help them sleep, but that wonderful mother/child bonding. I love it!

Our doTERRA Story

Our introduction to doTERRA essential oils began when a friend brought over a "Family Physician Kit" to help our son. My oldest received 2nd degree burns on the back of his hand and forearm when a popcan stove exploded on him at a scout campout. We began treating the burn with lavender and frankincense with AMAZING results. The burn healed quickly and cleanly. What impressed us most was that hw didn't ask for the hydrocodone that the ER sent him home with! Wow!! Now 3 months later, it looks great. I had previously used essential oils in our home, but these were like nothing I had ever used. Wow! DoTERRA truly is a "gift of the earth."

From this experience, I thought, "If these oils can do this for a burn, what else can they do?"  We have experimented on that question over and over with continual success and awe!

Our experience with doTERRA has set off a chain of similar experiences for other people. When we began, I started a journal to record how doT…