Lavender & Sleep

A good friend of mine has two boys with ADD. In the morning she would give them their meds and by the end of the day the meds were supposed to bring them back down to a normal level. One of their sons ,in particular, wasn't falling asleep until midnight every night because he just couldn't fall asleep. I took the lavender over.... A few days later I saw my friend and she said, "I am going to need to buy you another bottle of lavender and another for me." She then went on to tell me that she put the lavender oil on their feet and within a half hour they were asleep! It has become a nightly routine for her boys to come running with socks in hand asking her to rub their feet with the lavender before bedtime. Isn't that GREAT! Not only the oil to help them sleep, but that wonderful mother/child bonding. I love it!

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