Oils on Our Vacation

We just got back from an amazing vacation with family to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. What a beautiful, amazing place! We had a GREAT time!

Of course, I took my oils with me and I was so glad that I did!

On the first day at our campground both my husband and my daughter got stung by a hornet! Ouch! I put lavender and melaleuca on the stings. Elsie was really scared by it all. I think the lavender helped the sting but also calmed her down. Within a short time she was off playing again and didn't say much about the sting. A few hours later we applied the oils again and that was the end of it. For my husband we used the lavender, and then added patchouli. I had read that patchouli helps with insect bites and snake bites.. It helped with the itching and soreness.

We also got a few mosquito bites. The lavender helped with the itching and swelling.

The first night we were camping our baby woke up during the night just screaming. Nothing seemed to calm her. Finally after about 30-40 minutes we remembered the oils and Eric rubbed digestzen on her tummy and on her feet. Within a short time she settled down and fell asleep. Hooray for everyone in the campground :)

The next evening we were driving home from the Circle B Ranch and both my husband and my son Henry were getting headaches. I pulled out the Past Tense. Again-amazing results. In fact, the next morning I asked Henry about his headache and he said, "oh yeah... its better." Almost like he had forgotten that he even had a headache! That same night my Whisper came to the rescue for stress and anxiousness. I love Whisper!!

On the drive home Eric used peppermint several times to stay awake while driving. That is a LONG drive!! My son, Henry, used lemon to get a sticker off a really cool rock that he bought. The stickiness came right off. His rock is all smooth and clean now.

I don't know what I would have done without the doTERRA oils!! It would not have been nearly as fun and memorable without them!

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