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Inspirational Video!

Just watched this amazing video!  I LOVE it!  A wonderful reminder about the choices that we make everyday. doTERRA came into my life when I felt little hope for my future for myself and my family. Now I have hope! Thank you doTERRA!!

doTERRA Diffuser Info: Ace vs. Lotus

One of my favorite products from doTERRA is my diffuser! With cold & flu season upon us this is a must!  I have been diffusing On Guard in the morning before school to arm my kids for school and then again after school to kill all the stuff they brought home.  I have also diffused Breathe for my little girl at night to help her runny nose.  Love diffusing the oils!!  I have put some information together about the 2 diffusers available from doTERRA and some of the oils that we like to diffuse.  Enjoy!
Aroma Ace with On Guard INTRODUCING THEAROMA-ACE ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER dōTERRA® is excited to introduce the Aroma-Ace essential oil diffuser, a powerful and compact nebulizing diffuser that provides a more intense distribution of essential oils and is perfect for professional environments such as spas, medical offices, etc.
The Aroma-Ace provides a quick-change system that allows you to change your choice of essential oils at any time without the worries of mixing and spilling. Its ea…

doTERRA & Airplanes

This last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of going with my mom to Ft. Collins, Colorado to share doTERRA with some of my sister's friends.  We had a great time!  It is so fun to see people get excited about an alternative form of healthcare.  doTERRA is empowering. doTERRA essential oils offer hope.

My sister shared several of her own stories with doTERRA.  Her turning point experience with using doTERRA was with her son.  He had a really runny nose. She went to the Modern Essentials book and followed their instructions to  rub peppermint on his back. Within a few minutes it all cleared up.  She couldn't believe it.  The next morning she did it again to see if it was a fluke and once again the peppermint on the back cleared him up.  That is when she realized that this stuff really works.  They also use lavender at night on their kids to help them sleep.  The other thing that she does that has given them great results is putting Breathe in their humidifier at night.  Sh…

Wild Orange Saves the Day!!

I am currently coaching 2 First Lego League teams.  The Galileogo Geeks (8th graders) and the Galilego Geeks v2.0 (6th graders).  We meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays after school.  As you can imagine it is a bit crazy! My 8th graders are very diligent and focused because they know what they need to do to be successful.  However, my rooky 6th graders are less focused and more busy :)  I have had times where I have come home feeling like I had just come from Crazy Town.  Yesterday, I decided to really put my oils to work!!  I took my Lotus Diffuser and Wild Orange.  (I had read that Wild Orange is a sedative and tonic :))

I can honestly say it was the BEST day ever!  Half of the boys were hovering over the diffuser just breathing it in.  They loved it.  While they breathed it all in we had the best conversation on being a Team, Gracious Professionalism, and coopertition.  That was a first!  Then we got a great start on writing our skit for our presentation-that was real progress!  Then,…