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doTERRA & Airplanes

This last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of going with my mom to Ft. Collins, Colorado to share doTERRA with some of my sister's friends.  We had a great time!  It is so fun to see people get excited about an alternative form of healthcare.  doTERRA is empowering. doTERRA essential oils offer hope.

My sister shared several of her own stories with doTERRA.  Her turning point experience with using doTERRA was with her son.  He had a really runny nose. She went to the Modern Essentials book and followed their instructions to  rub peppermint on his back. Within a few minutes it all cleared up.  She couldn't believe it.  The next morning she did it again to see if it was a fluke and once again the peppermint on the back cleared him up.  That is when she realized that this stuff really works.  They also use lavender at night on their kids to help them sleep.  The other thing that she does that has given them great results is putting Breathe in their humidifier at night.  She had gone to her doctor and he had said she could do the triaminic stuff or put a vapor rub stuff in the humidifier.  When looking at the ingredients in the vapor rub she saw it had similar ingredients with the Breathe.  Breathe offered a safer, more natural, and a cheaper alternative to the Vapor rub.  Yeah! I keep thinking about how lucky those kids are to have such great, caring parents!!

One of the gals there had an amazing experience with DigestZen.  She is borderline having colitis.  In the midst of an episode she used the DigestZen.  The episode was less severe and shorter in duration.  That was a powerful result for her!

I was thinking about how the cost of the Family Physician Kit is probably about the same as ONE Doctor visit ($120) plus prescription ($30).  Yet, the Family Physician Kit can be used over and over again.  Every mother needs one of these!  To save money and to heal their children in a more natural, powerful way.

On the flight home there was a sweet, little 4-5 month old baby that was having such a hard time.  She was crying and acting like her tummy hurt.  After a short time I offered her the DigestZen for her baby.  She rubbed some on her tummy.  Within a few minutes she quieted down and went to sleep.  I know that wonderful mom was relieved.  There is nothing harder or more difficult than a sad baby, especially in an airplane!

My mom and I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting by a family of 5, heading back from a trip back east to see family, on their final leg back to Mountain Home Air Force Base.  The husband had just returned from Afghanistan a month earlier.  They have a 4 year old and 13 month old twins.  About half way through we gave the little boy some lavender.  He didn't fall asleep, but he was calm and content.  My favorite thing about the flight was as we landed, the pilot invited that family to get off of the plane first because of his great service to our nation.  They were really embarrassed, but we all felt so grateful for his service!!  We all clapped our support as they got off the plane.  Neat family.

As we begin this holiday season my heart is filled with gratitude for health & strength, my faith, and for the men and women who serve our great nation!!


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