Wild Orange Saves the Day!!

I am currently coaching 2 First Lego League teams.  The Galileogo Geeks (8th graders) and the Galilego Geeks v2.0 (6th graders).  We meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays after school.  As you can imagine it is a bit crazy! My 8th graders are very diligent and focused because they know what they need to do to be successful.  However, my rooky 6th graders are less focused and more busy :)  I have had times where I have come home feeling like I had just come from Crazy Town.  Yesterday, I decided to really put my oils to work!!  I took my Lotus Diffuser and Wild Orange.  (I had read that Wild Orange is a sedative and tonic :))

I can honestly say it was the BEST day ever!  Half of the boys were hovering over the diffuser just breathing it in.  They loved it.  While they breathed it all in we had the best conversation on being a Team, Gracious Professionalism, and coopertition.  That was a first!  Then we got a great start on writing our skit for our presentation-that was real progress!  Then, they successfully participated in a wonderful team building activity.  I have a couple of grandparents who have been coming for the last 3-4 times and as they were leaving they said, "Wow, that is the best they have ever done!."  Hooray for wild orange!! It was a GREAT day for all.

As you can imagine I will be taking my diffuser and wild orange to every practice!!

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