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Green, Spring Cleaning with doTERRA essential oils

The kids are home for Spring Break and my apricot tree is blooming. It is that time of year. Springis in the air and with it an uncontrollable desire to CLEAN everything!! Do you feel like that too?
My mom found several natural cleaning recipes using essential oils in the March edition of the "All You" magazine that you can pick up at Walmart for a couple dollars.
Thought I would share a couple recipes I haven't seen before with you!
(Remember: Toxin Free, Effective, Safe for kids & pets, inexpensive)

Liquid dishwashing soap
(Prep: 2 min; Cost: $2.48; Yield: 16.5 oz.)

2/3 cup liquid castile soap
3tsp. vegetable glycerin
5 drops melaleuca essential oil
20 drops lemon essential oil
1 1/3 cups water Using funnel, pour soap, glycerin, melaleuca oil, lemon oil and water into bottle.  Shake well to emulsify.  Place soap beside sink and use on dishes and hands.  This fragrant formula also will clean your kitchen countertops beautifully.
Automatic dishwasher detergent (Prep: 4 min…

Perfumed Poison: Hidden Dangers of Fragrances

Had a friend post this on Facebook and thought I would pass it along on my blog.  Hooray for safe, natural aroma from doTERRA!!Perfumed Poison: the Hidden Dangers of FragrancesPosted on September 3rd, 2010 by admin  | 
After getting out of the shower, dressing up, and fixing your appearance, you’re all set to go to school, work, or a night out. You then put on your favorite perfume for good measure. But have you ever questioned if what’s inside your perfume bottle is completely safe?
Fragrances are all around us. It’s difficult to avoid taking a whiff of someone’s perfume in the office, at a movie theater, on the train, or other closed spaces. Besides colognes and perfumes, scents are found in air fresheners, candles, dryer sheets, laundry products, shampoo, and other personal care products.

Most scents are pleasant; some are irritating or overpowering. Dr. Mercola is quick to point out that these fragrances do not come from flowers and other natural sources.
The Federal Fair Packaging…