Today was one of those wonderful days when I got some great testimonials!  So, I want to share...

"I had a panic attack today and I lathered in all the oils and sniffed vetiver for 30 minutes and it finally went away... Yah!!"

"I really believe that the oils are helping my neuropathy issues.  Much reduced pain in hands and feet. Kind of weird how fast I've noticed improvement.  I really like the lemon in my water."

I got this one a bit ago and want to share:

"I got the doTERRA skin care set at the end of February. LOVE IT! The facial scrub is amazing.  Best scrub I've ever used, undoubtedly.  I really like the moisteurizer too.  It has frankincense in it, so it warms your face after you put it on. Feels good.  The other ingredients are crazy--cauliflower extract, broccoli extract, cabbage extract. Ha! I can't believe they don't market that. (Just kidding)

Isn't that GREAT!

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