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Homemade Wipes with Essential Oils

Here are a couple of great recipes to make your own homemade wipes!  I have been using this recipe for years as baby wipes-I saved so much money and didn't have to worry about harmful chemicals on my little baby's bum :) The new Summer doTERRA Living Magazine has a recipe for Homemade wipes.  Homemade Wipes 1 roll of premium paper towel (I like the big Bounty select-a-size roll) 2 cups warm water 2 tbsp. fractionated coconut oil Essential oils (I like lavender for my baby wipes) Airtight storage container. Use an empty baby wipe container for greater ease of use.
Directions:Cut paper towel in half widthwise with a serrated knife. Use half the roll now, the other half later.
Pour mixture over the paper towels and then cover with the airtight lid letting the mixture absorb for 10 minutes. Remove and discard the cardboard middle, and then when ready to use pull wipes from the center.
Sanitizing Wipes Blend 3 drops doTERRA On Guard 3 drops lemon essential oil 1-2 tbsp. On Guard Foa…

Natural Hand-Sanitizer with Essential Oils

With the growing concerns about the alcohol based hand sanitizers I decided to do some googling and see if I could make my own without alcohol and with the amazing essential oils with their anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Here is what I found....Making homemade hand sanitizer (click on link for sourcing) There are many, many hand sanitizing products on the market, but I’ve found that you can make your own hand sanitizer for a fraction of the cost. Most products you buy are made with an alcohol base but as the green craze continues, more natural products made with essential oils are finding their way to the market. If you elect for an alcohol based product, make sure it has an alcohol concentration of at least 60 percent so that it kills most harmful bacteria and viruses. Check those labels on your hand sanitizer products so you know they are actually getting the job done and not just smearing the germs around. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to combat disea…