Peppermint Beadlets are BACK!!

Don't you just LOVE the peppermint beadlets?  They were out of stock for a while and are now BACK!  Yeah!

While at a training this last weekend I learned some new ideas for these wonderful little beadlets...

1. Helps with halitosis :) The beadlets are a quick & easy cure for not so nice breathe. I have a good friend who loves it when her husband uses these!

2.  For indigestion or heart burn-quickly swallow 3 beadlets for quick relief!

3.  If the Lifelong Vitality gives you a tummy ache simply swallow of couple of the beadlets before the trio and it will help with digestion of the vitamins.

4.  Beadlets are a quick & easy way to share doTERRA with others.  It is socially acceptable to ask someone if they would like a breath mint or gum so why not the beadlets!  They are definitely a burst of peppermint.  Who doesn't love yummy breathe?

A group of us were talking and we decided that doTERRA should make beadlets in other flavors...  What do you think about CINNAMON, SLIM & SASSY, or ON GUARDYour thoughts??

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