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Back to School with Essential Oils

My kids started school this last week!  Can't believe that summer is over-it went way to fast.  It is always so bittersweet to send them back to school. After a fun summer spent together, I am really going to miss them, yet on the other hand they are ready to be back to friends and a more regular schedule.  I must admit I have forgotten how intense our back to school schedule is.  I feel like I am always in the car!!

Last night we had a "Back to School with Essential Oils" class. It was a great class.  So great in fact, we had the police come over 3 times to make sure everything was ok :)  We had our class in a bank conference room.  Everytime someone went in or out we set off the alarms!! Made for a fun evening and a fun story.
Thought I would share some of the information. We focused on 3 main ideas for a healthy & successful school year.

1.  Keeping the Immune system strong & healthy- On Guard!! I really don't need to say anything else on this one :) 
We use