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Back to School with Essential Oils

My kids started school this last week!  Can't believe that summer is over-it went way to fast.  It is always so bittersweet to send them back to school. After a fun summer spent together, I am really going to miss them, yet on the other hand they are ready to be back to friends and a more regular schedule.  I must admit I have forgotten how intense our back to school schedule is.  I feel like I am always in the car!!

Last night we had a "Back to School with Essential Oils" class. It was a great class.  So great in fact, we had the police come over 3 times to make sure everything was ok :)  We had our class in a bank conference room.  Everytime someone went in or out we set off the alarms!! Made for a fun evening and a fun story.

Thought I would share some of the information. We focused on 3 main ideas for a healthy & successful school year.

 1.  Keeping the Immune system strong & healthy- On Guard!! I really don't need to say anything else on this one :) 

We use On Guard regularly TOPICALLY on our kids feet to boost their immunity and keep them from getting sick from all of the germs at school & everywhere. We also diffuse AROMATICALLY this one at the first sign of illness to boost everyone's immune system and then to kill airborn pathogens. When I am on it, I will diffuse in the morning before school and in the afternoon when they get home.  We also like to put On Guard in water with honey or lemon and drink it or put it in a capsul to take INTERNALLY when we are feeling like we are coming down with something.  Also, for a quick grab and go the On Guard Throat Drops are AWESOME!  A gal I work with breaks them into pieces for her 4th grade daughter and puts them into a bag for her to take to school.  Great idea!  The drops can be pretty intense for kids so breaking them up into small pieces is brilliant! 

I have recently fallen in love with the On Guard cleaner.  I have used it in my laundry, to clean my floors, and to clean my house. I love it!  Also, LOVE the On Guard Handwash.  We have this at all our sinks.  The handwash isn't harsh on our skin and smells good.  Not only is it cleaning, but it is boosting.  Eric's dad said it is the only thing he has found that works great for degreasing his hands after working hard in the garage.

With all of the research being done, On Guard is a must for every household! Check out the studies here: HERE 

Another important part of boosting our immune system is keeping our digestive system healthy.  The New doTERRA Living Magalog has a great article about this topic and the importance of a good probiotic. Love the PB Assist! Also, check out all the great ideas & testimonials for Teachers!

2.  Healthy Sleep Routines-SERENITY or Lavender 

Serenity is a great blend to use at the end of the day to help everyone relax and unwind from the day.  AROMATICALLY-diffuse in a bedroom before going to bed. (I have a couple of stinky boys :) and I love it when I go to wake them up in the morning and their room smells good!!) If you don't have a diffuser put a drop your pillow, or spritz onto the pillow and sheets.  You could also put a drop or two on a cotton ball and place on your air vent.

TOPICALLY-Put this wonderful oil on the bottom of your kids feet.  What a wonderful way to bond and spend some time together at the end of the day.  I have a friend who's boys come running to her room with socks and oil so that they can get their feet rubbed with lavender before bed. LOVE THAT!!

3.  Focus & Concentration- This is a big one for back to school.  As parents we want our kids to succeed and do well.  We want them to do their best.  The oils have so much to offer!!  Here are a couple of our favorites to use:

BALANCE: This is one that I put on my feet everyday!  I also love to add the On Guard. The two together smell wonderful!!  Starts the day off right.  I keep Balance in my bag.  On the drive to school, I have my kids put some on their hands and rub it on the back of their necks.  We have a teacher at school who keeps a bottle of Balance in her cupboard for his son.  When he is having a hard time she puts a drop on his hand, he rubs them together and then he is good to go.

VETIVER:  Vetiver has been great for so many kids that are dealing with trouble focusing. Another teacher that I work with has a daughter with these struggles.  They use Balance & Vetiver every morning.  She also puts a drop on a necklace that she smells throughout the day. From these, she has been able to concentrate better and focus on the tasks at hand. Yeah!

ROSEMARY:  This is another one you can rub across your forhead and temples for times when you need to focus & concentrate.

For studying and waking up we like to use PEPPERMINT & WILD ORANGE. Hmmm.  Put a drop of each in your hand, rub your hands together and enjoy!!  They actually have studies showing that if you study with peppermint (or any other oil really) and then go into a test and smell the peppermint again, that your ability to remember through association will increase... better test scores!!

We love the oils for Back to School.  As a mother, I have the ability to arm my kids against germs & sickness, calm them from a stressful day, and help them be successful in their school work.  That's what we do as moms-the oils just make it easier!!  :)


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