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Using Essential Oils...

Just saw this on a newsletter and had to share!!  This is GREAT!  Enjoy!

Want to feel happier? Check out ELEVATION (Joyful Blend)

ELEVATION! Joyful Blend

Elevation is wonderful to lift mood and help you feel happy! I know a lady who wears it everyday as a perfume. She works at a dental office and their patients love it.  They seems calmer & happier to be there!

Here are some of my favorite replies from doTERRA's FB page:

During my recent recuperation from total knee replacement surgery, I diffused Elevation often in both my bedroom and living room. It kept my spirits up. When your spirits are positive, the pain is not as prevalent in your mind. GZ

Out of all the oils it is my favorite scent. I wear it as perfume, have it in a small bottle as a necklace and diffuse it for my husbands moods or Man Fits as Jennifer just called them, it always amazes me how quickly he will calm down. LOL but best of all when I smell it, it just makes me smile :) RW

I used it on a grumpy employee, put three drops on a cotton ball and taped it to the bottom of her register, within 15-20 minutes she was actually giddy and for th…

Natural Mood Elevator: POM Blend

Looking for a natural anti-depressant with doTERRA essential oils?? I got this great story from a wonderful friend & leader. Enjoy!

I went to my doctor for an annual check up...due to a number of situations in my life...I was quite upset and my doctor was quick to write a prescription for an antidepressant....I couldn't even discuss it with her and just took the paper with me....when I got home, I proceeded to look up information on the medication...including a long list of side effects (of course!)...I decided that I didn't need the side effects on top of all of my other stressors and quickly began researching which oils would help improve my very low mood.
I came up with a blend of peppermint, wild orange and melissa (4:4;1 ratio) (I call it POM) and put it in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.  What a great little blend!  Worked great!

Forward several husband, mother in law, and I were meeting with one of her health care providers who suggested …