Natural Mood Elevator: POM Blend

Looking for a natural anti-depressant with doTERRA essential oils?? I got this great story from a wonderful friend & leader. Enjoy!

I went to my doctor for an annual check up...due to a number of situations in my life...I was quite upset and my doctor was quick to write a prescription for an antidepressant....I couldn't even discuss it with her and just took the paper with me....when I got home, I proceeded to look up information on the medication...including a long list of side effects (of course!)...I decided that I didn't need the side effects on top of all of my other stressors and quickly began researching which oils would help improve my very low mood.
I came up with a blend of peppermint, wild orange and melissa (4:4;1 ratio) (I call it POM) and put it in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.  What a great little blend!  Worked great!

Forward several husband, mother in law, and I were meeting with one of her health care providers who suggested that she may benefit from an antidepressant...She didn't respond initally...after the visit she proclaimed..."I'm not going on an antidepressant!  I don't need any more medications!"  I told her...don't worry...I'll make a little something for you...I brought my POM blend for her and showed her how to use it....honestly I didn't think she would.
About a month later at a family function...she approached me and said "Say, I need some more of your snake oil...I really think it improves my disposition!"  I laughed at her reference to snake oil and happily refilled her bottle.

Two months later, on the phone she said she needed a refill of her 'friendship potion'....of course I refilled it...I think we're both a little friendlier when we use it!
I wonder what she'll call it next?

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