Want to feel happier? Check out ELEVATION (Joyful Blend)

ELEVATION! Joyful Blend

Elevation is wonderful to lift mood and help you feel happy! I know a lady who wears it everyday as a perfume. She works at a dental office and their patients love it.  They seems calmer & happier to be there!

Here are some of my favorite replies from doTERRA's FB page:

During my recent recuperation from total knee replacement surgery, I diffused Elevation often in both my bedroom and living room. It kept my spirits up. When your spirits are positive, the pain is not as prevalent in your mind. GZ
Out of all the oils it is my favorite scent. I wear it as perfume, have it in a small bottle as a necklace and diffuse it for my husbands moods or Man Fits as Jennifer just called them, it always amazes me how quickly he will calm down. LOL but best of all when I smell it, it just makes me smile :) RW
I used it on a grumpy employee, put three drops on a cotton ball and taped it to the bottom of her register, within 15-20 minutes she was actually giddy and for the rest of her shift.

Elevation mixed with balance, breathe and lemongrass is my office happy cocktail! I diffuse all day. :) DP
I apply 12 drops of Elevation with the DoTERRA lotion every morning to start my day and I am instantly happy! I love this blend, it is perfection!
I have mine in a roller bottle! Every morning I roll it over my heart and on the bottom of my feet. AA
I like to put a few drops on a few cotton balls and throw them in my vacuum bag. Every time I vacuum the house smells amazing and everyone gets a mood uplift at the same time!! Love it!!!!

We use this with clients/patients in our healing center. It is especially helpful topically and aromatically when working with addictions, low energetic vibrations, and with those that know nothing but worry and fear. It assists in shifting them to a better place. Isn't that what doterra oils are about? DH
To wake my youngest, I sneak into her room and tell her to stick her feet out. (Then I am not actually waking her), and give her a afew minutes. Next time I go in her room and tell her to get up.. she does! No whining! No fighting with her sisters! No complaining that she doesn't like school! RD

I work in a triple OOO call centre, I put a drop on the wrists of fellow workers if they are feeling tired or flat and it perks them right up! They sniff their wrists when they first get it on. You can't be tired or grumpy/sad with elevation on!

I put it on my belly when I am pregnant and after the birth to help avoid the effects of Postpartum depression.

I WEAR Elevation to help elevate and lift people who I come in contact with. People just like to BE around me,, it's life elevated for sure!

I used it at a family member's memorial service. I had it on behind my ears and on my chest. Also, put on my collar and had some with me to use on other members of my family who were having a rough time. Also have used it after a bad break-up when the tears wouldn't stop flowing. put it in my diffuser and just breathed. these oils are awesome!

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