Lemon Essential Oil

 LEMON-My favorite tips from doTERRA Intl"s FB fans:

Lemon in my water all day long, in herbal tea, or just to smell for a pick-me-up mood boost.

I have not even received my kit yet --but have been adding one drop of lemon oil to my water as I sip at my desk job --I do think it lifts my spirits and is refreshing too. Also added ONE drop to my new electric Mop to steam clean my hard wood floors. My 16 year old son liked the scent so much....he cleaned the entire house!

I love using lemon to get patches off scout shirts! I have 5 boys in scouts and am forever moving patches around and changing shirts. goof off used to be my goto, but it would leave such a nasty smell and a horrible sticky mess. I used lemon and the patch was off in minutes with no sticky mess or nasty smell! LOVE LEMON!!!

I use it in my water, and LOVE to clean with it. 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 distilled water and few dr
ops of lemon. We use this to clean everything the floors, counter tops, toilets and so on :):)

I have used it on permanent marker that was drawn on my leather seats, and ceiling of our c
ar. and what seems to be old gum stretched along a seat...lol it all came out like a charm!

Lemon icing and in my drink bottle!

I put a few drops down my sink drain when it starts to get stinky. I run the garbage disposal with a little cold water and I'm good to go. I also put a few drops in my room temp water every morning before I eat or drink anything else. Detox, detox, detox!

After decorating our Christmas tree, my husband and I both ended up with sap on our hands. I grabbed my bottle of lemon, he grabbed the rubbing alcohol. Guess who's hands came clean? And who sheepishly asked the other to use their bottle when theirs didn't work. :-):-)

Everytime we go out to eat we order water with no lemon then pull out the oil which makes the servers curious as to what we are adding to our water,of course we then share doterra!

I used it this past weekend for my cough. Cupped my hands to my face and took a few deep breaths. Instant cough suppressant!

2 drops in the toilet and VOILA a nice smelling bathroom! Plus I drink it, use it on my nails, remove stains, get gum out of hair, strengthen my fingernails, & on and on and on!

I add 3-4 drops of lemon oil to my blendtech everyday when I make my whole juice smoothies. Adds some citrus flavor to the smoothie and it seems to liven up the flavors of the berries.

Snotty noses gone with just 3 to 5 drops in an ounce of water or juice. Love it! Safe and effective!

I use it to get rid of that grimey film that comes from cooking on all those places that don't get a daily wipe down like the top of my fridge and behind my cookbooks.

I use lemon when my throat is sore from a long day of talking & singing. I also use it to de-goo anything in my home & in my water everyday....and many more ways I use it! :):)

I use in my water and tea and keep in my purse as hand sanatizer

I use it in some olive oil to clean and oil my antique furniture.

I use it to get gum out of my girls' hair! I've had to do this about 3 times now! Little stinkers:) I also use it in my drinking water:)

Use it to clean fresh fruit and vegetables. Amazing what's in the water afterwards. Also great to stop runny noses (thanks for the tip Danny), removes permanent marker from skin! And of course in my water. Can't live without lemon.

Use Lemon oil to remove gum from hair or carpet. It also removes slug slime, pitch and the gooey residue left from stickers and price tags. Cleans showers until they shine, removes rust and love making my stainless steel shiny an clean. I use it to cook with and in my water daily. It's a must have in my house!
i'm sure this has been said...one drop in a tsp of honey to get rid of coughs and sore throats (or just cause it's yummy). In a glass of water any time our digestive systems aren't feeling great (kids too). to clean anything that has build up.