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Seizure Video-AMAZING! Another Wonderful doTERRA Miracle

I just found this amazing video of a young mom who was struggling with her little daughter's health on several levels: seizures, digestive and sleep issues.  Reminded how truly amazing these oils are. 

Slim & Sassy Skinny Wrap

Slim & Sassy Body Wrap!!

I recently came across this on the doTERRA Diamond Club site. It was too great to not share!  Enjoy!

UPDATE: I recently read a suggestion that I thought beneficial... instead of using plastic wrap made of who knows what...use muslin cloth. 

Michelle Rapp Belnap posted:

I got the recipe from Becky Cox.
5-10 drops S&S
1 tsp FCO.
Combine the two ingredients and rub on "problem area" ( Make sure it is completely absorbed ) then wrap area with regular old plastic wrap! :) Leave on for 20 minutes to as long as the person would like! It detoxes! Its running like wildfire on my team! I have a gal who l lost 4 inches from her first wrap! I teach the regular class intro, and while I am teaching I have a few IPC's wrapping new guests! That way they are feeling it tingle and working as I teach about essential oils. Then I focus on the individual ingredients found in Slim and Sassy and the benefits that they are receiving on top of inch loss! * just remi…

What do I do with Patchouli??

doTERRA Intl Tip Off Tuesday on January 8th... Patchouli
When I was first introduced to patchouli, I will admit it was not my favorite.  Now I really like it.  Particularly, I love Whisper and In Tune that both contain patchouli. Hmmm!  I always get complimented when I wear either of these as a perfume.

Here are some of my favorite FB comments:

It's a nice oil to calm fears and nervous tension. Gives an inner sense of confidence can foster grace, poise and physical strength.

I love it. its not just hippie perfume. best EO for 2nd degree burns. hands down. amazing healing properties. takes tissue regeneration to a whole new level. As a nurse and someone that has used EO's for over 20 years, i have never seen or used a product that does what patchouli can do for burns.
I use this on my dog's ears to fight yeasty bugs. I use one drop on the flap of each ear and it keeps those bugs away!

My sister is an Emotional Healing Therapist. She puts some on one of the round facial cleaning …

Essential Oils for Exercise & Training

Saw this on a friend's FB page and wanted to share. As a trainer he uses the oils in two ways. First, and best, as preventative and second to treat.
For prevention, he recommends a blend of 20 drops each of cypress, lemon, marjoram, Deep Blue, wintergreen, and peppermint.  Apply before a work out to legs, shoulders, chest, whichever area you will be working on.  For treatment he goes to frankincense and helichrysum. Two fantastic oils for healing!


Just heard about this amazing blend, "Dana's Blend"  from a customer.  Went googling for it and found it.  Thought I would share.

Dana Briggs is a licensed massage therapist who was asked to
Dana Briggs
help massage the feet of 500 runners. (SeptemberNewsletter).  From her professional knowledge she put together a blend for muscle aches, pains and cramps.  Here are the ingredients for about 20 ounces of this marvelous blend.  Naturally, you could scale it back if you didn't wish to have that much. A…