Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breathe (Respiratory Blend)

Tip Off Tuesday, January 1st...Breathe!

We love Breathe here at our house. With yucky bugs all around us, we have gone to Breathe on several occasions. We particularly like to diffuse this one in our kids bedrooms at night. It makes such a difference in the morning. We have an amazing woman on our team who had a lung issue that put her on oxygen 24 hours a day. Starting with Breathe and then adding other oils, she has greatly improved her respiration. The oils have changed her life!

Here are some of my favorite tips:

I love breathe. Use it on whole family helps them to breathe easier and able to sleep. Use on chest, nose and bottom of feet. I panic when the bottle gets low have to order another fast.

When I had an ear infection I put breath on a cotton ball and put it in my ear and used a warm wash cloth with salts and held it over my ear it helped loosen up the blockage, amazing!! And also put my ear directly over my diffuser (with breath oil) it well and truly helped loosen up the terrible blockage! Try this it works

My husband and I do a lot of hiking. I put the bottle of breathe in my backpack. As we go higher in elevation and it gets a little more difficult to breathe, we will stop and I will apply Breathe to my neck and upper chest. It opens up my airways to help me get the oxygen I need to finish the hike.

In a diffuser for sleep, on my chest for exercise, on friends and family whenever they have breathing issues, on my kids for coughs, so helpful for anxiety! I love breathe and it is an everyday staple in our home.

With a 2, 4 & 6 yr old when we get a stuffy cold. I rub breathe w/cocnut oil on them b4 they get in the bath. They r all boys who i tell them they can wash it off in the bath. But with the warm water and breathe they all sleep thru the night! Love breathe!

My husband who had sinus headaches daily has not had one since first using Breathe in Sept. 2011! I love the fact that he inhales it at bedtime and doesn't keep me awake all night with his snoring!

Menthol Vapor Balm salve is like natural version of Vick's Vapor Rub. Rub it on the chest and the bottom of the feet to relieve a cough.

Menthol Vapor Balm Salve
4 oz. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
20 drops doTERRA Breathe
10 drops doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil
10 drops doTERRA Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops doTERRA Wintergreen Essential Oil
½ oz. Beeswax
Four 1 oz jars

I use Breathe on myself and my horse before we barrel race. It helps him breathe and get the oxygen he needs, it helps me stay focused and it helps my breathing pattern so I stay more relaxed. Love Breathe!!!!

Using breath currently due to a massive head cold . Mixing in with coconut oil for a chest rub, and put in a roller bottle with some fractionated coconut oil for on the go chest rub and inhaler . Fill a sink with hot water , put in a few drops , close eyes , lean over sink with towel cover head to trap oils . Enhale several time

I have not been able to take a deep breath or even breath well for over 10 years .. I was introduced to breathe at thanksgiving of 2012 .. So I have been using this amazing oil everyday since .. I rub on chest and back of neck.. I also diffuse along with frankincense every morning .. And every night !!! This oil has changed my life and I am now a faithful doterra oil user !!!!

Breathe is the reason I became a believer in the oils. I get a chronic cough every year that takes months to get rid of. A few months ago it hit me and I tried Breathe. I used it by cupping my hands and breathing it in and then rubbing it on my chest. I not only love the smell but it relaxed that anxious feeling that made me cough and I slept better than I had in years. The cough got better every day and went away completely in a little over a week instead if several (usually 3) months. My favorite by far!

My 1 year old came down with a cough, so bad she was vomiting and would wake herself up every time she laid down that night. The next day I mixed Breathe with Frankincense and put it on her chest every hour. That night she had no more cough and woke up once! Others who came down with this same cold had it for weeks.

My daughter had a cough that she could not get rid of do like 4 months. We went to two different doctors and they both put her on allergy medication x2 daily. They said it was an allergy cough but nothing worked. I really hated having her on a daily medication just as much as I hated her having such a bad cough. I had a friend recommend doterra oils and after approx. 3 days she was cough free and off the medication completely! I love it and doterra for providing such amazing quality oils.

I have horrible allergies to dogs and cats. And, a couple days ago a friend of mine had me rub Breathe on my chest and under my nose. I was extremely skeptical, but I did it. And it totally WORKED. And it worked better than any allergy medicine I have ever used. It was amazing!

I have regular respiratory issues, I put a drop on my chest everyday ( just because I love the smell) but since I have I don't EVER use my inhaler!!! If I do have an attack I put on my palm and cup it and breath deep. It's an awesome way to BREATHE!!!

I have sleep apnea. I've been using a CPAP machine for years. Then added a few drops of Breathe, to a cotton ball placed behind the CPAP, an oh my gosh what a relief. I can feel my sinuous open up, and get the most benefit from the machine!!

Helps with anxiety attacks when your chest tightens and you feel like you can't breathe.

I keep a roller ball of Breathe on the headboard of my bed. I rub it on my husband's chest and on his upper lip every night to help with his snoring. It works like a charm! It helps him (and me) sleep better :-)

We have used it for colds and congestion but our favorite way to use it is for athletes. All my kids play sports of one kind or another. They put breathe on their chest before practice and games to open up their lungs for optimal breathing and in the hot summers put peppermint on their backs and necks to keep their body cool under those hot football pads. =)

I use breathe instead of those nasty inhalers for my chronic breathing issues. It has helped me start running 5k's and I'm training for my first half marathon!!!

My 2yo woke up coughing so hard she threw up. 2drops in fco on her chest, and she was sleeping again within 2 minutes. OTC cough meds cannot even be given to a 2yo, and if the could the would not work in less then 20-30 minutes. I have even used Breath on my son at 2weeks for congestion. Love it!

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