What do I do with Patchouli??

doTERRA Intl Tip Off Tuesday on January 8th... Patchouli

When I was first introduced to patchouli, I will admit it was not my favorite.  Now I really like it.  Particularly, I love Whisper and In Tune that both contain patchouli. Hmmm!  I always get complimented when I wear either of these as a perfume.

Here are some of my favorite FB comments:

It's a nice oil to calm fears and nervous tension. Gives an inner sense of confidence can foster grace, poise and physical strength.

I love it. its not just hippie perfume. best EO for 2nd degree burns. hands down. amazing healing properties. takes tissue regeneration to a whole new level. As a nurse and someone that has used EO's for over 20 years, i have never seen or used a product that does what patchouli can do for burns.
I use this on my dog's ears to fight yeasty bugs. I use one drop on the flap of each ear and it keeps those bugs away!

My sister is an Emotional Healing Therapist. She puts some on one of the round facial cleaning cotton things and clips it to the vent in the room she uses to work with her clients. Softer smell than a diffuser, so most people don't even realize it is there.

I put this in some epsom salt in my bath water. It helped so much for the itching!!
I love and addicted to the smoky, calming smell. I carry a oil bag with a few of my favorite oils, patchouli is one of them. I will need a few deep breath-in in the afternoon when I feel out of focus, or energy, especially when I was stuck in the traffic during LA rash hour. I will definitely put a few drops on the soles of my feet before bed, and get ready for a good night sleep.Patchouli is my number 1 favorite doterra oil now.

A couple drops in the palm of my hand, rub hands together until somewhat absorbed, then i smooth hands over my hair, arms clothing. Mmmmm!

One of my long term favourites ! I mix with lavender oil and throw it over the old carpet at work - over time the room has come to smell divine and people working there are calm. My friend is a social worker counsellor and she has done this for years - agitated or upset clients enter her lavender patchouli office and immediately begin to calm down - magic !

Puts me to sleep when nothing else works. Put on my feet and my temples. ZZZZZZZZZ
I also have used it on sunburn and it is miraculous

Mix a few drops with a handful of sugar & fractionated coconut oil.. Use it as a scrub for feet & hands..
We have a loved one with motor tics. Dr. Hill suggested using it to me and it's been a God-send! Thank you Dr. Hill! <3

I use it to stop all the constant mind chatter:)

This is the oil I use to help protect myself from radiation when I fly. I start using it over my thyroid a few days before the flight and continue using it for a week or so after.

We love using a couple drops on a damp wash cloth in the dryer. Leaves a lovely scent and combined with dryer balls, reduces waste from dryer sheets!

I'm currently using it as part of a comprehensive plan for shingles. I apply the Patchouli topically. I hope it will also help reduce the scars.