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Natural Mouthwash with doTERRA Essential Oils

Anybody else out there have a fear of bad breathe?  I do!  In fact, I would say that I am almost paranoid about having bad breathe. When I talk with people, I want them to be able to listen and enjoy what is being said rather than trying to figure out a way to plug their nose and walk away. My solution to my fear...essential oils of course!!

Our favorite mouthwash:
1 drop On Guard (hot!)
1 drop peppermint (cool!)
Shot glass

After brushing with the best toothpaste ever: On Guard toothpast, of course! Mix the oils and water in your cup, drink up, and start rinsing and swooshing!!  My teeth and gums feel so clean and fresh. And my breathe. Hmmm!

The doTERRA Blog has additional ideas for using essential oils as a mouth wash.

Check out these 2 studies! Hooray for essential oils in mouthwash!!

I must also add, that for out and abo…