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doTERRA Oregano-Supports Healthy Digestion & Respiratory Function

 Tip Off Tuesday, February 19th-Oregano

Used by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Oregano has many traditional and modern uses.
  • Used as a cleansing agent
  • Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function
  • Excellent source of phenolic acids and flavonoids—powerful antioxidants

Oregano is hot stuff! So powerful-natures strongest antibiotic! We have successfully used oregano for colds, sore throats, warts, and even cooking.  When using it topically, especially with kids, be sure to dilute with fractionated coconut oil. Love this amazing oil!

My sister had a callus on her ring finger. She put oregano on her hand to put on her son's feet for a cold. As a result of the oregano on her hand and making contact with the callous, it is gone. She had that callus for years.

As a personal side note, I have learned that oregano will kill the good and bacteria in our bodies, so I would be sure to add the PB Assist to your daily regiment to keep up the good flora and support great digestive health.

Here are some of my favorite comments from doTERRA's FB fans:

For callus on bottom of feet!

But you need to remember that you should not take Oregano any longer than 10 days because it will kill off the "good" bacteria that your body has.

I use oil of oregano for a number of issue but most of all for immune boosting purposes. On unique way I used it was with shea butter and tea tree oil to eliminate toe fungus and athlete's feet.

With a carrier oil in the belly button once every ten days for parasites and other body bugs

I rub it on the bottom of my feet at night if I feel like I am catching a cold. Feel just fine the next morning!

use it to remove skin tags!

For a Bread Dip....Balsamic Vinegar, EV Olive Oil, a drop or 2 Oregano and 1 drop Basil also a pinch of salt. Mix together and dip your favorite bread (Italian, French) It taste great and It's healthy!

it got rid of my friends daughter warts she had like 50 of them. love my oils.

I was very sick could feel the infection coming on strong. 1 capsule with 4 drops oregano, 8 drops lemon, 3 on guard. Did this every 3 hours, could literally feel the infection leaving. 1 day later I am at a concert . Oh and I almost forgot. .1 drop of basil in between my big toes. This stuff really works

My husband has gotten rid of his plantar wart, which the dermatologist said would need major surgery to dig out of his foot! 2 months of daily application and it is GONE without surgery and without any pain

Candida control! and food poisoning!.

I use it in a flu bomb when my kiddos feel yucky! 2 drops of oregano, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops melaleuca and 2 drops on guard. Three times a day  I also use it in my water when making spaghetti...the emotional benefits of the water diffusing the oil into the air helps my boys to stop fighting

I mixed it neat with equal amounts of clove, lemon & peppermint and applied it daily to my mums long term, painful and seemingly incurable corns on the bottom of her toes. Worked beautifully. Also mixed with lavender & melaleuca on a nasty pustuley rash on my sons back.. Worked a treat in a couple of days.

Love Oregano. Used it to kill molluscum ..contagious warts that children get easily in the water but takes forever to clear. After three weeks of applying it on the warts my son had no more molluscum of which he had for almost a year and it kept spreading.

I use it to knock out UTI's, fevers, & infections of all sorts. No one in my family has been on anti-biotics for over a year now (and I have 3 school age children that get exposed to everything under the sun) bc of this oil. Definitely my favorite essential oil! You just can't be without this one!

I have used Oregano to get rid of my children's warts. My middle son had a wart on his foot for almost a year. We had taken him every three weeks to get it sprayed with liquid nitrogen to freeze it off as per the doctors orders. Once we discovered doTERRA we immediately looked for something to help with the wart and discovered Oregano oil. Within a week of using the oil once at night and once in the morning the wart was gone! So grateful!

Great for keeping my Lyme symptoms away!

Awww...heck. This was easier..!! --

I put it on a mole that I have 1x a day and it is going away!!


  1. Used this oil for warts and Eczema. After about only a weeks use the results are very good. Its almost cured the wart and Eczema also have improved by 75%; Skin is smooth, no flares or itching. Will continue to use this and report back.

  2. I came here because I am looking for a remedy for plantar warts and I see this worked for your husband. You stated he used oregano daily for 2 months and it was gone. You also stated just above that not to use oregano more than 10 days in a row. So can you tell me....did he take a break in between those 2 months somewhere, or did he just not follow the protocol of not using it for more than 10 days? Thanks for your help.

  3. Do not take the oregano internally for more than 10 days. Topical use for a wart can be treated daily for as long as needed for a wart. Daily topical use for a wart will not interfere with the gut flora the way that internal use will. Good luck!

  4. Hi, My little one has a small wart on her foot...can I dab it on directly or do I mix with a carrier oil?? thanks!


  5. I would use a q-tip with straight oregano directly on the wort. Where the wart is on the bottom of the foot, the heat should not be felt. Be persistent. Good luck and keep us posted!

  6. Do you have any tips for knowing if a mole is completely gone? I've been using the oregano for a couple of weeks and they have begun to scab and peel off, but the skin and new scabs still seem dark in the center. I don't want to use the oil longer than necessary but don't want to stop before they are dead.

  7. Great question Mindy! Once the wart is gone, I would start adding frankincense to the area. Frankincense is great for warts and skin as well and not nearly as hot :)

  8. Thanks for the suggestion for a planters wart, my son has one so I am going to try Oregano. Did you cover it(with a band aid) or just leave it uncovered? Hoping this will help it has been bothering him for several months but has really started to hurt this last week.

  9. We covered it with a band aid. Be consistent, couple times a day and they will be gone. Pretty amazing to watch.

  10. I have two daughters with Molluscum and I was wondering do you put the oregano directly on the bump?

  11. You can, just remember it is a very hot oil! Depending on the age of your girls, I would be very cautious. I would try diluting oregano and rubbing on the bottom of the feet as well. Here is a great link with additional info:

  12. You mentioned that frankincense can be used for warts... Can it be used for molluscum as well

  13. Yes. Love frankincense as an enhancer. As they say, "when in doubt, use frankincense!"


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