Fennel (Sweet) Essential Oil-Tummy Crummies & Supportive to Lymphatic System

Fennel (sweet) Essential Oil

Used for centuries as a tonic, Fennel provides many health benefits and has a distinct licorice aroma.

I love the aroma of this amazing oil. This is not one that I commonly go to. I learned a lot from doTERRA's FB fans! Enjoy! Here are some of my favorite comments:

Loved it! Helped me get my milk supply up and helped my little one with tummy issues.

Increase breastmilk production topically and internally. I believe it's helped my babies gassy stomach as well!!

As a nursing mother I used it to increase my milk production.1-2 drops with honey, 3-4 times a day. Worked fantastically!

this might have already been answered but I apply it neat or diluted. I prefer diluted since my skin can be really sensitive. You can also take it internally. One to two drops gently massaged into the breast tissues along the milk ducts.

I love to use this topically for an upset stomach and I take 2-3 drops internally in a glass of cold water. I love the fragrance and the taste of Sweet Fennel.

It is a good antioxidant. Good for digestive and hormone related issues.

Diluted with fco I rub on babies tummy. She smells yummy and has less painful gas and bm.

My husband has started using it internally twice a day to help with enlarged prostate symptoms and now sleeps through the night instead of getting up to go to the bathroom 5 times a night!!

When my knee started hurting due to running, fennel relieved the pain better than even the Deep Blue for me.

My kids LOVE our "candy" oil. It's actually fantastic for Noravirus in our experience the best. You can take plenty of it without stomach discomfort and its effective against mutating bacteria. My 3 yr old ask for this in her tummy almost every day.  Love the Candy oil Sweet Fennel.

Last summer when we went to Georgia, our family was on a boat and my daughter was a bit sea-sick, she put one drop of fennel on her tongue and voila! Seasickness over!

One drop in warm water, ummm sweet fennel tea instantly. One drop to the tongue suppresses the appetite, preventing overeating . Tastes like"Good an Plenty".

A great recipe for constipation is two drops fennel, two drops Digestzen, and two drops peppermint in a capsule.

Use it to relieve my acid reflux pain. Two to three drops alone in a capsule or sometimes I add a drop of Digest Zen with it. So grateful!

My 15 month old really likes fennel oil. She asked for it with lemongrass (which cured her constipation) and the combination smelled like jellybeans!

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, btw, and it's helped immensely.