Grapefruit-Energizing & Invigorating

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Energizing and invigorating, Grapefruit is renowned for its cleansing and purifying benefits.

Hmmm. I love the aroma of this wonderful citrus oil. It lifts my mood and smells so sweet. Here are some of my favorite comments from doTERRA's FB fans. Enjoy!

I add grapefruit WITH lemon to my water to make it taste great and to help detoxify.

Works great to clear acne!

Love grapefruit e.o. With Wild orange and lavender for headaches. Applied to the back of the neck and behind the ears

I put grapefruit in my solid coconut oil and use it to moisturizer before I dry off after a shower.

I've been drinking a drop or two in my water lately! Love Grapefruit!! I've been feeling down and it sure has help uplift me! ❤

One of my favorite mood booster oils

When I'm super hungover from a crazy night out I rub it right where my liver is and I Instantly feel better its also great diffused for a nasty hangover!

I have kidney issues. A few drops in my water does wonders.

I add grapefruit to juicing, herbal detox and drinking water. Tastes delicious and amps immune system.

1 cup baking soda, 20 drops grapefruit essential oil, mix well. Put in shaker use for carpet fresh. I also shake some in sink, tub, toilet, counters to clean them. Works so great

In a scrub with peppermint on the feet. Smells amazing and invigorating for tired and/or hot feet.

I use it to flavor my water because I can't use slim and sassy while nursing. Tastes wonderful and gives me a boost! It's good mixed with geranium and used topically for leg cramps as well.

grapefruit is amazing for you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. it helped me overcome an eating disorder and patterns of self harm/abuse. it connects you to your physical body and promotes self love.

I put it in my bath water and soak in it. I also put it on all day. It's my favorite oil. It truly uplifts my mood- great for PMS!

Used for sinus infections! Runny noses! Apply straight to face. Works wonders on my 4 year old even!

Can't wait to get mine. It is a great anti-fungal too and will use it to treat my son's mild candidia and bacteria imbalance in his gut.

I love grapefruit it's my favorite! I not only use it for it's cleansing properties but I also use it as a fat blocker after consuming fatty foods to ensure it doesn't settle in my body and to help my body break it down. I enjoy taking a few drops in a casual. The major plus side is that it's much more convenient than eating a sour grapefruit.

I use a few drops in a large bowl of water as a soaking, detox wash for non-organic produce.