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Balance (Grounding Blend)

Balance (Grounding Blend)

Everyone experiences moments of disconnectedness or anxiety. The warm, woody aroma of today's featured oil creates a sense of calm and well-being. Balance Grounding Blend is the perfect blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Fractionated Coconut Oil for an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and a sense of balance.

I LOVE Balance!! It is my favorite. I use it everyday on the bottom of my feet when I get out of the shower and throughout the day as needed. A drop on my hand, breathing in, does wonders!  It grounds me and focuses me. Since using Balance daily, I have not had any big panic attacks, and when I feel one coming, I use Balance and it subsides. Amazing! Happy, calm mom makes for a happy, calm family!! LOVE BALANCE.

Here are some of my favorite comments from doTERRA, Intl FB fans:

I have an 11 yo with serious anger issues. A friend suggested we try EO a little over a month ago Balance and Serenity were the two she suggested. To say I am in LOVE wouldn't even come close to how amazing I think they are. It has transformed my sons life and in doing that the tone of the whole house.

I would just pour on a gallon of it a day if I could! LOVE Balance!

I rub Balance on my temples and behind my ears every morning and night. I also use Orange rubbed on my wrists and Elevation on the back of my neck. Since doing this I have not needed my prescription anxiety medication or my antidepressants and feel more "balanced" throughout the day. What a wonderful oil!!

I am a total emotional eater. I use balance in conjunction with my slim and sassy to help with my emotional binges. I rub it on my feet everynight and inhale straight from the bottle as needed to help me stay...well..."balanced"

My daughter (9) has a fear of sleeping (she is afraid of having nightmares). She uses Balance every night and her anxiety has diminished almost completely. When she's having an extra rough night, we use more Balance with a little Melissa and she's back to bed in minutes!

I also use it for bumps and bruises. It takes bruises away quickly as well as goose eggs. You can literally watch the bump go away, it is amazing. (Plus it calms my kiddos after they get hurt too)

My sister in law uses it with her son. He may have some type of undiagnosed autism. He asked for it one day because he said it makes the funny feeling in his head go away. Also it has improved his spelling test scores at school as he is able to focus better. I love all the oils for me personally. I try to use balance each day to help anything in my body that needs to achieve that balanced state.

I love I love I love I LOOOOOVE Balance.. My daughter has ADHD & SPD.. This is one of her FAVORITE oils.. We use in combination w In Tune. I can't imagine life with out it!!! This oil brings her to a calm place & enhances her ability to focus. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would never believe this worked as well as it does!! Did I mention I LOOOOVE Balance!!??

My father-in-law is at an age that he often gets agitated when things aren't just as he needs them to be. We were getting ready for a road trip, and a suitcase had been moved from the back seat to the bed of the pickup. He worried about how we would know where it was when we got there. Over. And over. And over. And I finally remembered Balance. I just went over to talk to him and rubbed his shoulders (and occipital triangle area.) He always loves a massage of any kind! Within a few minutes, the agitation was gone, the suitcase was okay where it was, and we were ready to take a ride. Love Balance!!!

I experience my first night of sleep without night sweats by using Balance and Solace! I had night sweats, hot flashes and hormone peri menopausal symptoms for two and a half years. Another doTERRA IPC recommended and it worked! I hope to share this with every woman experiencing imbalance and HRT.

I woke up one morning incredibly dizzy and asked my husband to check our oils book to see what we could do to get rid of it. While he was doing so I happened to see my bottle of Balance on my nightstand and decided to try it. Within 30 seconds of applying it to my feet I had NO dizziness left. I was shocked at how well it worked and so quickly. Now there isn't a day that goes by without at least one application!

I use it on my thyroid with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ... makes me feel better! I really notice a difference.

I read that Justin Harrison liked it for diaper rash, so I tried it on my toddler when he had a rash that none of the other go-to's could touch, and Balance took the diaper rash away within 2 days! (He had the rash for over a week before that!)

my aunt also uses it for her diabetic neuropathy!!! She puts a drop on her feet and on her hands and it takes the pain away! and she got feeling back in her feet!!!

I too love Balance for all of the obvious reasons. A unique way I have used it, though, is on my dog's paws after he had a grand mal seizure, and it seems to help. He has not had another seizure!

I could not live without balance! Happier mommies start with balance

the first time my mom used it, she was amazed at how her night at work was so much less difficult to make it through! She had been very stressed and instead of letting things bother her, she was able to ignore things that used to bug her, etc. She said it was the best night she had in months!!

This helped my husband and two other family members overcome long term depression. One even got off medication after a week with just one drops on the wrist each day. Unbelievable change in our home!

I use it after sugar has been injested. It seems to keep everyone even keeled instead of shooting up and down.
I put it on my feet before my trainer kicks my butt training. Definitely improved co-ordination and calmer through the workout.

Believe it or not, Balance works well for hemorrhoids. Helps with blood flow and other aspects, and it can benefit in other ways as well.

I have been applying it to my 9 year old before Baseball practice to help with coordination, balance, and sore muscles afterward. He loves it.

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