Wild Orange "Happines in a Bottle" Hmmmm!!

Wild Orange Essential Oils

Cold-pressed from the orange peel, Wild Orange is excellent for energizing and revitalizing. It is also commonly used as an effective tool for uplifting mood, as well as for its wonderful citrusy aroma. 

I love wild orange! It is another one of my very favorites! This is one that I will you several times a day to lift mood. Happiness and Sunshine!

Here are some of my favorite comments from doTERRA Intl, FB fans:

As perfume! Once when I was sitting in the waiting rooms little boy kept running over & shyly smiling... So I would wink or smile or wave... After I winked... He ran back to his mom& said " mom, MOM! That lady smells like sunshine!" & I've worn it ever since!!! Smile on my face , "sunshine" on my skin!!! Sharing happiness even if they don't realize it!!! 

I put it in my water and on my wrists. Since using wild orange I am now off my anxiety meds and my antidepressants. Absolutely AMAZING and fast acting. So glad I have friends that introduced me to this!     I was taking Buspirone and Xanax for anxiety and Prozac for my antidepressant. I was almost always having to increase my dosage. I used to get severe panic attacks to the point my jaw would clench so bad I couldn't talk. I have been off all of them for a month now and when I get an attack I just smell the orange and put some in a glass of water. It works way faster than the prescription and I don't get that drowsy feeling but a burst of energy instead.

It might be uplifting to most but it makes me sleep like a baby, It's listed as the number one oil for insomnia

My teenage daughter likes it mixed with Ylang Ylang on her feet at night. Citrus oils are great for adolescent girls - and therefore the people who surround them too!

I recently discovered that it helps to calm down my heart palpitations! If I'm feeling stressed or sick, my heart gets all crazy and this helps me so much!

One of the most effective things I use Wild Orange for is my daily acid reflux. I have replaced my Omeprozole with it. DigestZen didn't seem to do anything for me, and this works wonders. I take 3-4 drops every morning in water. When I forget to take it, I start feeling sick and have to take the Omeprozole, so I know its working!

I used it for grief. When my cousin passed away, my heart was crushed. I used Wild Orange on my temples and palms. It took the sharp edge off of my grief and allowed the healing to begin.

I add a couple drops to a bowl of fruit, cover and let sit for 30 minutes then stir. Enhances the flavor of the fruit and stops any 'browning'. It's easy and people always wonder what I did to the fruit to make it taste so good.

I put a few drops in water for myself. I use it with clients to help them transform fear of lack into belief of abundance. Wild orange is awesome!

I actually used it to clean my hard wood floors it worked great!!!

my husband has anxiety & panic disorder, he refuses to take meds cuz they may be tampered with, he LOVES the wild orange. in the diffuser it "makes me feel like i can move mountains." he was kind of panicky today & rubbed some on his hands & inhaled it (without my prompting ) he calmed down so fast we were both surprised.

I use it in my homemade face "lotion" oil to brighten my complexion and for the regenerative effects of the citrus.

I used it to get Gum out of my little Girl's hair. I put a drop of Wild Orange on the gum blob and waited about 30 sec. Then it just combed right out. I also just love the smell of Wild Orange. It helps my mood. I even put it on at night to help me have happy thoughts while going to bed so that I don't keep myself up worrying.

Drop it in my water for water retention!

I diffuse it in the classroom on a rainy day, it gets the students a little more attentive, instead of wanting to fall asleep.

WONDERFUL for acid reflux! My husband has Lyme's Disease, and it is nearly identical to Celiac's Disease. This helps his digestive problems IMMENSELY!