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Eucalyptus: Calming & Clearing

Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Because of the many influential compounds found in Eucalyptus, it is a key ingredient in cough and throat medicines and chest ointments. Eucalyptus is used widely both for its calming and clearing properties as well as to ease breathing.
Here are some of my favorite comments: I put it in a spray bottle with tea tree oil and spray my walk in shower, it prevent mold and makes your next shower relaxing and spa like when it mixes with the hot water
When I have people coming over I put some onto my A/C filter along with some lemon to make my house smell incredible!
My son is really affected by seasonal threats. He would wake up very congested. I have been mixing 1:2 ratio of eucalyptus & fractionated coconut oil and applying it to the bottom of his feet then putting socks on before bed. No congestion and a better nights rest for him
I had my son at the doctor this morning and she praised the use of Eucalyptus for clearing airways. Her personal experience with EO…