Night Time Oil Call!

I just have to share our experience last night with out 3 year old. Another amazing experience where I am filled with gratitude for essential oils!

About 10 last night our 3 year old, Norah, started crying that "it hurt." We had no idea what hurt. First she said her foot hurt, so we put a drop of white fir on her foot. Then we thought maybe she had a tummy ache, so we rubbed her down with DigestZen and for good measure, we added some ginger. Then she started grabbing her ears and complaining that her ears hurt, so of course, I put on some melaleuca around her ears. Eric likes to use basil for ears so he added that too. Then to calm her down I added lavender :) She soon stopped crying and went to sleep. Yeah!

Hour later, she was up again crying. Added more DigestZen. She cried about 5 minutes then went to sleep. We did this every hour from 11-2. After 2, she settled down for the night and sleep until 8:30.  At 8:30 she comes bouncing in like NOTHING had ever happened. She is her happy, cheerful little self. Unbelievable!!  As a write this she is playing with her ponies singing a beautiful song. Love that Norah girl!

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