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Shot Glass Ideas

The Fall weather is here, kids are back to school, and flu season is before us. A great way to use the oils is internally. We really love our shot glasses. My husband and I each have a shot glass in our bathroom that we use often. Our favorite is water with a drop of On Guard (hot!) and Peppermint (cool) together as a mouth wash. Love it! Enjoy these other wonderful ideas! Can also be found here.Shot Glass Ideas! Trade in your gel caps for a shot glass!
Shot glass are another great way to use the essential oils. When gel caps aren't available or you just want to get them down quick, the shot glass is a handy tool for getting these amazing CPTG oils to use in our bodies!

Seasonal Congestion Blend
2 Tablespoons Water 3 drops Lavender  3 drops Lemon  3 drops Peppermint
3x daily when allergy symptoms arise.

2 Tablespoons Water 2 drops Peppermint 2 drops On Guard
Swish and swallow!  Great combo for fresh breath and a clean mouth.  
2 Tablespoons Water 2 drops Oregano 2 drops Lemo…

Back to School with Essential Oils-My Top 5

It is that time of year again. Back to School! 

5 Must have Oils for Back to School

On Guard-Use this oil daily to ward off the bugs & germs of school! Diffuse in the morning to give your kids a boost before school, then again after school to kill what they bring home :) My friend Elaine puts several drops of On Guard in a spray bottle and uses it as a natural hand sanitizer instead of the alcohol based stuff. Don't forget to use the other On Guard products: OG Cleaner, tooth paste, cough drops, and hand soap, and the new On Guard beadlets! (Perfect to put in your backpack or purse).

Peppermint-Studies show that smelling peppermint while studying and then smelling peppermint while testing increases test scores. By association you remember what you study. In addition, the peppermint helps to oxygenate the brain. A drop of peppermint is also nice to wake you up on sleepy afternoons or to freshen your breath. Hmmmm!

InTune (Focus Blend)- Need some help with focus and c…