Back to School with Essential Oils-My Top 5

It is that time of year again. Back to School! 

5 Must have Oils for Back to School

On Guard-Use this oil daily to ward off the bugs & germs of school! Diffuse in the morning to give your kids a boost before school, then again after school to kill what they bring home :) My friend Elaine puts several drops of On Guard in a spray bottle and uses it as a natural hand sanitizer instead of the alcohol based stuff. Don't forget to use the other On Guard products: OG Cleaner, tooth paste, cough drops, and hand soap, and the new On Guard beadlets! (Perfect to put in your backpack or purse).

Peppermint-Studies show that smelling peppermint while studying and then smelling peppermint while testing increases test scores. By association you remember what you study. In addition, the peppermint helps to oxygenate the brain. A drop of peppermint is also nice to wake you up on sleepy afternoons or to freshen your breath. Hmmmm!

InTune (Focus Blend)- Need some help with focus and concentration? This blend was created to help with ADD/ADHD. It has a wonderful aroma. I like to wear it as a perfume. It keeps ME focused :) Get it for FREE this month with a 200 PV order!!

Balance (Grounding Blend)- Love this oil for stress & anxiousness. Another great blend for focus. I had a mom who got this for her daughter with test nervousness. She loved it. Her daughter put some on her hands and back of her neck and was able to feel calm and focused during her end of year test. In fact, she got her best score!

Serenity (Calming Blend)- My son Jack loves to use this one every night before bed to help him wind down and sleep. Serenity is a great oil to add to your bedtime routine.

For more information about purchasing these products, please email me at or call 208.585.8146. Here to help you when you are ready to try a safe, natural alternative.

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