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On Guard Laundry Soap Experience

On Guard Laundry Soap
 Like many of you, I was so excited for the New On Guard Laundry soap! For years, I have been making my own using borax, washing soda, and grated soap. Those homemade laundry soaps were ok. Honestly, I wasn't sure if my clothes were really getting clean. Anyone else have similar experiences?

So, at convention when they started talking about the different enzymes that were added to help break down stains and really clean fabrics, I was really excited. The enzymes were what I was missing in my homemade recipes.

When I started using the On Guard Laundry soap, I had to have a real mental shift on the quantity of soap to use. One tablespoon didn't seem like enough. Have have since learned, that it really doesn't take much. I love that the On Guard essential oil blend is included. Now I know all the microbes and germs are getting killed. Love that.

I have had 2 different people share with me experiences where long time stains were removed after one washing. I…