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Are You Ready to Dream Again?

My Story
Three years ago, I was "sleeping" through life. I was going through the motions of living, just trying to make it day by day. I was living in poverty both physically and emotionally. My life was far from the ideals I had dreamed about as a young girl.

Each month, I made my husband's meager income stretch to meet our needs. Despite the situation, I was blessed by generous parents who blessed our kids with the fun stuff and a loving Heavenly Father who turned our "2 fishes" into enough. Many nights, I would cry not knowing what to do or how to improve our situation. I had been a stay at home mom of 5 kids with a teaching degree, always looking for an opportunity, but not finding it.

It is interesting how opportunity comes into our lives. Ours came after our oldest son was in an accident at a scout camp out. A pop can stove exploded on him, leaving him with 2nd degree burns on the back of his hand and forearm. Our friend, Darin, heard about the accident an…