Our Family Vacation with the Oils

Our Family Vacation with the Oils 
Don't Leave Home without Them!

I have found that we learn so much from others about how to use the oils and have success. It is the stories & experiences that teach us and inspire us. Hoping that our experiences will inspire and guide you as you vacation with the oils.

At our first stop near Crater Lake, the mosquitoes were crazy! We loaded up with TerraShield. We dabbed the oil bottle on our arms and legs and rubbed it on our faces and neck area. I used it regularly and consistently and didn't get bit. A couple of our kids that were not as consistent only got a couple bites. I am sure that without anything we would have been eaten alive.

For the few bites we got, we regularly used lavender and melaleuca. Elsie got 4 bites in a row on her hand and we watched as they went down and went away within a day. No scratching and scarring here!

While in Oregon, the boys went on a fishing boat into the Pacific to catch Salmon. My boys used the DigestZen and Peppermint beadlets to help with sea sickness.

Love the Peppermint & Wild Orange lip balm any season any where :)
As we were getting ready to go kayaking on Devil's Lake, near Lincoln City, our little nephew fell and skinned his leg really good. We washed it out with water then added some lavender and band-aids and he was ready to go.

Sunburns! We used lots of lavender and Aloe Vera gel to sooth our beach time sunburns. I also used a combination of lavender, helichrysum and coconut oil, put together in an Immortelle bottle, as an after sun treatment. Interesting insight: the areas on myself and my kids that we used the oils we experienced no peeling skin and the skin tanned up. On the areas we didn't treat, they are peeling. Interesting...

With a house full of people, I also did my regular On Guard and Balance on my feet each morning along with my Lifelong Vitality Supplements. With our vacation schedule I also added the Mito2Max for energy. Love it! It kept my energy and attitude high amidst everything.

One more... while crabbing one morning, I put on my brave face and picked a crab up to throw back over, the way they told me to, and I got pinched! Ouch! Used a little lavender and melaleuca and I was back in! *Crabbing was really fun. You throw down a crab pot with a chunk of meat on it, wait for a while, then pull it up fast. The crabs are caught. Fascinating creatures :)*

How are you using your essential oils this summer??


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