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So, at convention last year (Oct. 2013), I received the new REVEAL facial system with my Convention kit. Last week, yes last week, I decided to finally try it. I am really not a skin care girl, but after trying it, I am starting to change my ways :)
In my mind, I had thought to use this product I needed to be standing over the sink, with a dry face, then splashing water everywhere with water dripping down my arms creating a mess that I didn't want to clean up. No thanks. My solutions: use it in the shower!

Here's what I do: 
For step 1, I put a pea size amount on my fingers and began massaging it onto my skin. It feels kinda grainy but really soft and silky, and of course, it smells really good :) Really, I could have spent more than the recommended 2 minutes rubbing it all in. It felt very cleansing. Do not rinse off, add step 2. 
For Step 2, I added a small amount from bottle #2. This one looks like a clear gel. I used this right over the first product. After massaging them both in for a minute or so, I rinsed them both off. My face felt so clean and soft! Even now, a couple hours later it feels wonderful. And, this system is quick & easy-no mess!
I have a new favorite product. And really, after all the summer sun exposure, my skin, especially my face, could use some product love. 
5 Stars for the Amazing REVEAL Facial System!
PS. My husband tried it too. 2 Thumbs up :) 

From doTERRA
Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Wild Orange and Lime CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils provide a cleansing and purifying boost to the skin.
Pumpkin Enzyme assists in the exfoliation process without stressing or irritating the skin, removing dead skin cell buildup and stimulating cell rejuvenation.
Important peptides that help strengthen and condition helps strengthen the surface of the skin.

Enjoy a spa-like facial treatment in the comfort of your home with the Reveal Facial System—a carefully formulated, two-step process that gives your skin an amazing, youthful glow.
Step 1
: Refining Polish—purify and cleanse with tiny polishing beads, botanical enzymes, and Wild Orange and Lime essential oils as you exfoliate away dead skin cells and impurities, promote healthy circulation, prompt collagen and other skin-saving substances, and increase your skin’s ability to absorb important nutrients and moisture with a luxurious, light massage.
Step 2
: Peptide Activator—support and strengthen as you deliver the vital nutrients and peptides that your skin needs

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