Holiday Essential Oil Must Have's & Diffuser Blend Ideas

                                               Holiday Essential Oil Have to Haves

1. DigestZen essential oil and gel caps. For the good, the bad, and the ugly that we will eat through the Holiday Season. DigestZen helps support your digestive system by bringing it back into balance very quickly and naturally.

2. On Guard essential oil blend and product line. Protect yourself and those you love by diffusing this powerful blend in your home, putting a drop on your feet each morning to start your day, and clean surfaces in your home with On Guard cleaner concentrate. They also offer an amazing On Guard laundry detergent. Throw in the On Guard throat lozenges, foaming hand wash and our favorite--On Guard Toothpaste, and you will be setting up a barrier against all those yucky bugs! 

3.  Balance, Serenity, Elevation or Citrus Bliss. These powerful essential oil blends will help you keep calm and enjoy focus this busy time of year. Use these oils daily on the bottom of your feet, as a nice, clean fragrance when going out, or at night to reduce stress from the day.

For more information about purchasing these products, please email me at or call 208.585.8146. Here to help you when you are ready to try a safe, natural alternative.