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Why I use essential oils? 

Have you ever felt totally helpless to help your child or someone you love? Have you ever wanted a better way to care for your loved ones that is safe, natural, and effective? For years, I was the mom who would ride out colds as best we could because I didn't want to go to the doctor and follow recommendations I didn't believe in. I knew there had to be another way to take care of my family in a safe, natural way. Along the way, through some reading, I discovered essential oils. I went to a local health food store and put several to use. For years, I dabbled with some success. 

About 5 years ago, I was introduced to a new line of essential oils that changed my world! The purity, the quality, and effectiveness was beyond my previous experience. As a wife, mother, and woman my mind was opened to the opportunities and possibilities! Here are some of the reasons I use essential oils:

1. doTERRA essential oils work! Because of purity and potency, I got great results for myself and my family. As I began using them and sharing with others, the success stories expanded. Quality matters.

2. I love that essential oils are safe, natural, and work to suppport the body. As my husband says, "We are carbon based life forms and plants are carbon based life forms." Thus, they work together wonderfully!

3.  I feel empowered as a woman to care for my family. I have solutions at my fingertips to help my family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can help my family. I have tools and knowledge. As an independent woman, I really like this. :)

4.  What started as a love for the oils and a healthy lifestyle turned into an opportunity to earn additional income for my family. doTERRA's business model offers mom's like us the opportunity to share what we love, essential oils, and get paid for helping people get their own membership. For our family, the financial piece was life changing. 

Are you interested in essential oils and how they can support you and your family? Let's talk. 

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Slim & Sassy Skinny Wrap

Slim & Sassy Body Wrap!!

I recently came across this on the doTERRA Diamond Club site. It was too great to not share!  Enjoy!

UPDATE: I recently read a suggestion that I thought beneficial... instead of using plastic wrap made of who knows what...use muslin cloth. 

Michelle Rapp Belnap posted:

I got the recipe from Becky Cox.
5-10 drops S&S
1 tsp FCO.
Combine the two ingredients and rub on "problem area" ( Make sure it is completely absorbed ) then wrap area with regular old plastic wrap! :) Leave on for 20 minutes to as long as the person would like! It detoxes! Its running like wildfire on my team! I have a gal who l lost 4 inches from her first wrap! I teach the regular class intro, and while I am teaching I have a few IPC's wrapping new guests! That way they are feeling it tingle and working as I teach about essential oils. Then I focus on the individual ingredients found in Slim and Sassy and the benefits that they are receiving on top of inch loss! * just remi…

Roller Bottle Remedies

Lately, I have really enjoyed using different roller bottle recipes on myself & my kids. They make oil use quick & easy and less messy. You know the experience, where you are so excited that your kids are taking care of their own health, yet they are dripping and dropping oil clumsily all over the place :) 
Here are some great roller bottle solutions:

Roller Bottle Remedies
Focus:   (next 3 from       40 Wild Orange 40 Peppermint Use this blend anytime during the day when you need a mental “lift”; great for homework time, housework, mid-afternoon slump.Simly apply to back of neck and enjoy!

Stuffy Nose: 40 Breathe 25 Lime This remedy is perfect for runny/stuffy noses.Apply over sinus areas under eyes and above eyebrows; also under nose.It is very effective to layer with lavender to reduce inflammation.

Supreme Immune Booster: 20 Oregano 40 Lemon 30 On Guard
               20 melaleuca (I added this one :))

Bloody Nose Remedy with Essential Oils

Yesterday my daughter Elsie got a really bad bloody nose.  In fact, it kinda freaked me out.  Usually, when one of my kids gets a nose bleed it doesn't last long-a tissue later and it is all cleared up.  With Elsie, she was literally dripping for about 5 minutes from both nose holes. Yuck!  After 5 minutes with no stopping in site, my mom energy kicked in and sent my to my wonderful "Modern Essentials" book! 

For nose bleeds: Combine 2 drops cypress, 1 drop helichrysum, and 2 dropslemon in 8 oz. (1 cup) ice water.  Soak a cloth in the water, and apply the cloth to nose and back of neck. I am here to report that it worked! From the time it took me to take my son to scouts and back it had completely stopped without another occurance! Wahoo!

Also, since her clothes were covered with the red stuff, I quickly put them into a bucket of cold water and a tbsp. of the new On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. After a wash...stain free clothes.