Tiffany's Tuesday Tip-3 "Recycling" Ideas for the Holidays

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip-3 "Recycling" Ideas for the Holidays

Today I share 3 quick and easy recycling ideas for this upcoming Holiday season. 

TIP #1
1. Did you know that you can recycle your doTERRA boxes? Yes! Take them apart, reverse them, and you have a fresh, clean box ready to reuse for mailing and gift giving! Yeah!! 
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Tip #2
Recyle Used Essential Oil bottles with new oil recipes. Here is one of my new favorites. I worked nicely that I only had about 10 drops in my wild orange bottle to put this blend together. I am sipping on it now and it is wonderful! 

Tip #3
Christmas Lights of course! Buy a strand of Christmas lights. Get your used essential oil bottle out. Take out the orifice in the bottle and cut a small slit from the top to bottom. Put the light through the slit and put into the bottle. Repeat. :)

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Here is my 5 minute video sharing these 3 great "recycling" tips. Enjoy!

I hope you found this information helpful. Comment below or connect with me to learn more about how you can get the essential oils into your home and begin enjoying the many benefits!