Tiffany's Tuesday Tips-3 Products to Kick off the New Year!

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season celebrating all the good in your lives as well as reflecting on the lessons learned and challenges faced. Good and bad, we learn so much as we experience life. 

As we begin a new year, I wanted to share 3 products to kick off 2017. These products offer daily support and nourishment to your body. Jim Rohn has said, "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." These 3 products will provide energy, nutrition, digestive support and all around health and vitality. 

3 Products to Use Daily:

1. Lifelong Vitality. Although doTERRA is an essential oil company, their #1 product is their nutritional supplement, Lifelong Vitality. Click on the link for more indepth information on this product. For me personally and for people that I have worked with, the comments I hear are:

"I have more energy"
"I am experiencing less pain. My old injury isn't hurting when I go to the gym."
"My hair is growing and my nails are stronger"
"I feel less stress and anxiety."
"My digestive system is working better."

I love these comments because when we give the body good nutrition, it has the ability to do the things that it was created to do. It functions well. Good nutrition is key to greater health & wellness. 

2. DigestZen TerraZyme. With the Standard American Diet, this product is a must. Processed and refined foods can be difficult for our digestive systems to break down making it difficult to get nutrition while also creating a toxic load in our gut. It doesn't help that as we age our own naturally occurring digestive enzymes begin to diminish. By adding TerraZyme at our meals, we are giving our digestive system additional enzymes that go in and great down the food to release the nutrition from the food into our body and then eliminate the waste. I particularly love these after heavy meals, when I eat out. I feel less digestive stress. 

3. Lemon essential oil. This simple, beautiful, yummy oils offers a simple way to support the body. Add a drop to water and sip throughout the day. It is a gentle way to support and cleanse the digestive system while also lifting mood. For variety you could also try wild orange, grapefruit, lemon, or Slim & Sassy (metabolic blend). These oils will help the body to eliminate petrochemicals and toxins in the body. 

Please message me with your questions. Find me and learn more about essential oils at