Tiffany Tuesday Tips-Some Tips & Essential Oils to Enhance Your Valentines Day

Tiffany's Tuesday Tips-For Your Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! The day of LOVE! I am convinced that love is the answer to everything. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were more kind and more loving. In my own life, I have discovered that love starts with me. If I want more love from my kids then I show more love, if I want love from my husband then I give love. This is in all areas and relationships in my life. People are pretty amazing!

Today I share some tips to enhance your day.
1. Love starts with loving yourself. Take time to take care of yourself. Even if it's for only 10-15 minutes. Do something for yourself. I have found that when my cup is full and overflowing I have the ability to be able to go out and give love and be a source of strength for others. Keep your cup full!

2. Check out the book, "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman! So insightful for all of your relationships. How do you give love? Receive love? What about the important people in your life? 
Do they feel love through:
Acts of Service
Words of Appreciation
Physical Touch
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts

Check out the book or buy it. Very insightful!

3. Use essential oils! Here are 4 for your Valentines Day.

Wild orange. "Oil of Abundance" It has also been called, "Happiness in a bottle." A wonderful oil to use throughout the day to lift mood and energizes while also bringing calm. 

Passion (Inspiring Blend). This wonderful blend includes some nice warming oils (cinnamon, ginger, and clove) that create circulation and flow in the body. It also has jasmine, a nice floral aroma. 

As a women, my mind is always going, going, going. My next 2 are to help stop the mental chatter and to help you stay focused and calm for the moment. It is important for us to take time to love our husband or significant other and to give them our full time and attention. These oils help. :)

Patchouli. It relieves anxiety and lifts mood and has been called the oils of "physicality and physical connection." It turns off the mental chatter.

Vetiver: This is another great grounding oil and powerful sedative. It has been called the oil of "centering and content."

Happy Valentines Day! You will "Thank" me later!