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Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: What's in our Missionary's Suitcase...

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip
As a family we have had a big couple of weeks preparing our oldest son to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Little Rock, AR area for 2 years. We are so excited for him to have this opportunity to love and serve the people there. Of course, I couldn't send him without a few things... :)

Some of the essentials... Lifelong Vitality (not pictured), TerraZyme (digestive enzymes for all that yummy southern food!), Correct-x (topical ointment), Shampoo & Conditioner, Deep Blue Rub, On Guard toothpaste, On Guard Throat drops, DigestZen softgels, On Guard Plus (for awesome immune support), and Serenity soft gels (good sleep), and the On Guard & Peppermint beadlets.

Essential oils!!!  Melaleuca: for those cuts, skin irritations, and disinfecting On Guard: immune support to stay well Balance: grounding blend for stress and anxiety Frankincense: Of course! For skin issues, stress, discomfort, focus... When in doubt, use …

How to Protect Yourself & Your Family from the Yucky Insects & Bugs!

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: How to Protect You & Your Loved Ones from the Yucky Bugs!
Spring is here and summer is coming quickly! With the warmer weather comes the bugs! I don't know about you, but when I am outside walking the green belt, camping, or enjoying an evening outside, I do not like bug buzzing around me! 
Essential oils are amazing! When we know that they come from the bark, leaves, flowers, roots, etc of plants we can better understand their effectiveness as natural repellents. The aromas that plants give off will naturally attract good bugs and repel the yucky bugs. As we use the oils ourselves we can enjoy those same results. So, which oils do we use?
My first go to is doTERRA's Terrashield (Outdoor Blend). When it comes to outdoor protection, no defense is better than Mother Nature’s offerings. Among these are essential oils which provide a vapor barrier for plants, protecting them from potential threats in their environment. TerraShield Outdoor Blend contai…