Tiffany's Tuesday Tip: What's in our Missionary's Suitcase...

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip

As a family we have had a big couple of weeks preparing our oldest son to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Little Rock, AR area for 2 years. We are so excited for him to have this opportunity to love and serve the people there. Of course, I couldn't send him without a few things... :)

Some of the essentials... Lifelong Vitality (not pictured), TerraZyme (digestive enzymes for all that yummy southern food!), Correct-x (topical ointment), Shampoo & Conditioner, Deep Blue Rub, On Guard toothpaste, On Guard Throat drops, DigestZen softgels, On Guard Plus (for awesome immune support), and Serenity soft gels (good sleep), and the On Guard & Peppermint beadlets.

Essential oils!!! 
Melaleuca: for those cuts, skin irritations, and disinfecting
On Guard: immune support to stay well
Balance: grounding blend for stress and anxiety
Frankincense: Of course! For skin issues, stress, discomfort, focus... When in doubt, use frankicense!
Breathe: Respiratory blend
lavender: swiss army knife of essential oils. Calming and soothing to cuts, bug bites, a stressful day. Great for burns, seasonal issues, and skin.
Peppermint: love this one for fresh breath, tummy upset, sore muscles, natural coolant for those hot, humid days.
Lemon: To lift mood, add to water to support digestion, and to remove sticky stuff
DigestZen: For all that yummy southern food :)
TerraShield: To deflect the bugs and keep them away, I also added the spray!

I love knowing he has these oils with him! I know that they can be a comfort and support to him as he is about his work in Arkansas. 

Here is a quick video overview of what we packed. 

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