Are you ready for summer?
Here are some of my favorite summer essential oils!!

1. TerraShield and Peppermint as natural bug repellants. We use this to deter mosquitos and also pests in our garden. The new TerraShield 30 ml spray has made it quick and easy to use! Be consistent, use it often. Love using something that doesn't contain harmful chemicals!

2. Peppermint, lavender, and Frankincense with aloe for an after sun spray. The best! I have found that when I use this combo often my skin is happy, no pain or discomfort, and my skin doesn't peal.
3. DigestZen blend, digestzen softgels and TerraZyme. These products come in handy for those camp outs, picnics and/or pot lucks when we may indulge in a little too much goodness or maybe something doesn't agree with your tummy.

4. Balance (Grounding Blend), Serenity (Restful Blend) or any of the Emotional Aromatherapy Oils. While I really love summertime, having kids home, traveling, and family/friend gatherings can be stressful! Anyone else? These are my go to's to keep a healthy mindset and mood for the people I love the most.

5.Deep Blue products & AromaTouch for all the sore muscles that come from moving and playing. I like to use them before I get out and play and then again after for nice, soothing relief. I also love lavender and AromaTouch in a bath with epson salts after a particularly active day. Wonderful!

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