Girls Camp & Essential Oils

Girls Camp & Essential Oils

This last week I had the wonderful opportunity of going to Girls Camp with 24 girls ages 12-18!! We had a great week in the mountains hiking, boating, crafting, singing, eating, and enjoying time as a group. Memories were made and testimonies were strengthened. 

I was so glad I packed my oils! Here are some oils that got put to work over the week.

Terrashield! I am absolutely loving the 30 ml spray! It worked great. In fact, it worked so great I didn't think I needed it. Bad choice, the day I didn't spray I got bites. I learned fast! I also put together a bigger spray bottle with Terrashield and peppermint that we sprayed on tents and clothes and cooking areas.

Lavender!! Of course! I brought my lavender oil and lavender Touch roller. These came in handy for the mosquito bites and also for our camp cook who burned her fingers on a hot pan. Ouch!

Peppermint-This one came in handy for headaches. At the temples, forehead, and neck. (We also put PastTense to work as well.)

Melaleuca & On Guard-We had a young woman who was getting a cold and sore throat. We put the melaleuca on the outside of her throat and then she did a drop or two of On Guard in her mouth. We did this a couple of times a day with success.

On Guard Throat Drops-I had wished I had brought a whole bag. We had another gal who was coughing during the night. These helped. 

Correct-x-Best stuff ever for cuts and scrapes. I kept putting it on my lips for try lips.

After Sun Spray- This is a combination of Aloe juice, peppermint & lavender. After a day on the lake this came in handy. It was a nice cooling and soothing spray for our red skin!

Before I left I made a video sharing some of the things I prepared. 

I am so grateful for essential oils! They are my go-to for everything! I know I have a "pocketful of solutions" at my fingertips when I need them. Would you like them too? Message me for best pricing and specials.